What are we famous for?

The main principle of our company - an excellent price-quality ratio

More than 30 kinds of confectionery products

14 years on market

Founded in year 2002

Internationally tasty

Our business partners are located in Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, England, Greece, Poland, Russia and also in United States of America.

History of the company

Raw materials - 2002

Initially, the production was focused on the production of raw materials for the confectionery and dairy industries. And in 2002, the company started the production of cocoa glaze, chocolate and confectionery fillings for various consumers in the Baltic States and Europe. Our glazes are used by many well-known manufacturers for ice cream, curd cheese, cakes, biscuits, and also used in various confectionery products. In the production of glazes, fillings and chocolate, we use only high-quality raw materials. For example, cocoa butter substitutes, which we import from Indonesia, Malaysia and Europe, contains less than one percent of trans fatty acids. This clearly reflects the high quality of our products.

Zephyr - 2007 year

In 2007, our company invested in the development of production. Two new production lines for zephyr production are launched. The new lines incorporate newly developed technologies. Sales of our zephyr immediately began to grow as our production facilities allowed for production of contemporary products. This indicates that our consumers have grown fond of zephyr. As of today, we have received only positive responses about our products. We supply our zephyr in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, England, Greece, Israel, and United States of America.

Marmalade - 2010 year

In 2010, a marmalade production line was installed. Marmalade is made by casting it in silicone molds. This line allows us to produce up to 60 tons of marmalade per month. In the production of marmalade, we use only natural raw materials and high-quality pectin, which is produced in Germany. As of today we supply these products in all three Baltic States.

Bird's milk and pastilles - 2016

In 2016, we acquired equipment for production of “bird’s milk” and pastilles. In the production of “bird’s milk”, olden recipes were used and therefore the product turned out to be tender, which allowed many to recall the flavor of childhood. In this product, we used butter and condensed milk and this gave a unique taste to this dessert.



The enterprise is equipped with modern equipment, the technical capabilities allow us to obtain high-quality glaze, with excellent technological and microbiological characteristics, and also provides a high degree of grinding that gives the glaze a delicate taste.

Confectionery glaze filling we produce and adjust for each customer individually. It depends on the content of cocoa powder, sugar and organoleptic indications for each glaze. We also produce glazes of any color and tastes.


  • Confectionery glazes from cocoa powder and cocoa butter substitutes (lauric and non-lauric types)
  • White and aromatized glazes from powdered dairy products and substitutes from lauric type cocoa butter
  • Glazes for ice cream - white, dairy and with the addition of cocoa products based on coconut oil
  • Chocolate ice cream glazes based on cocoa butter or grated cocoa
  • Glazes and fillings with such natural sugar substitutes as maltitol and isomalt
  • Confectionery fillings, pastes

Confectionery bars

Sweet confectionery bars are made from high-quality cocoa butter substitutes. Per customer's request, this product can be produced both with or without sugar, replacing sugar with natural sweeteners such as isomalt or maltitol.

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